Preventive Maintenance Of The PC

We must always keep in mind that heat and dust favour the wear of the circuits as they expose them to stressful working conditions, so they must be kept ventilated, fresh and protected from sudden changes in voltage.

These actions and periodic tasks can be synthesized in a series of these steps.

Internal PC Cleaning

This task seeks to remove the dust that adheres to the parts and the interior in general of a PC. First of all, the external cables that supply electricity and provide power to our PC and other peripheral components must be disconnected.

For this cleaning, you can use a blower or a small special vacuum cleaner accompanied by a small brush to clean the Dell EMC VxRail E560. Put particular emphasis on the proximity to the Microprocessor and the Source.

Check the internal connectors of the PC

Ensuring they are secure and not loose. Also, check that the expansion cards and memory modules are correctly connected.

PC Monitor Cleaning

It is recommended to uncover the monitor of the PC only in case it is to be repaired because after shutdown it stores a lot of energy that could be dangerous, if it is not the case, just blow air inside the grilles and clean the screen and filter of the screen with a dry cloth that leaves no residue or lint.

Attend To The Mouse

Under the mouse or mouse, there is a cover that can be opened simply by turning it in the direction indicated on the same sheet. Clean the ball inside with a lint-free cloth as well as the shafts and avoid any particles attached to them.

If it is an optical mouse, always keep the pad of the Dell PowerEdge R640 clean (or pad where the mouse is used; this is valid for any mouse) and avoid particles that obstruct the lens.

The Floppy Drive

There are special diskettes designed to clean the head of the diskette drives. Before using them, blow air through the input tray (where the disks are inserted).

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