Helpful Tips to Get the Most Out of a Penetration Test

Penetration testing is something that all companies, regardless of industry or size, should invest in at least once a year. However, more frequent testing is always a good idea. There are more than a few benefits offered by pen testing, with the main one being the ability to find vulnerabilities before a hacker does.

When the time a year rolls around to have this testing done, making the most of the process is a must. Some tips to help get the most out of professional penetration testing services can be found here.

Understanding the Parameters the Pen Test Uses

Those in the organization need to be involved from the beginning of the penetration testing process and collaborate with the pen testing team to figure out what the goals of the process are and how to prioritize resources to improve the business’s cybersecurity. Before testing starts, those in the organization need to find know what the highest value assets along with the associated targets are, the controls and capabilities that need to be tested, the audience for the report, and what measurements matter the most to them.

Anticipate the Most Likely Threats

Most people will know their industry rather well. As a result, they have likely kept up with all the cybersecurity threats that exist for the type of business they run. Revealing the most likely threats for the penetration testers can be helpful to determine what they should attempt to do and how deeply they need to go. For example, an industry may be more susceptible to insider threats, organized crime, hacktivists, or scrip kiddies.

Set Realistic Expectations for the Pen Test

When a person understands the objects of the pen test, along with the threats to their business, they can figure out how much of the network can be tested and how deeply this testing should go based on the amount of time for the test and the company’s budget. Remember, a motivated criminal or hacker isn’t going to focus on just certain parts of the system, which means it’s important to make sure the testers aren’t limited.

However, it may not be necessary to give them free rein. While creativity is good, the security manager needs to ensure the testers know the boundaries.

Offer Knowledge About the Network

The more information an organization can provide, clearly and concisely, the less time pen testers have to spend trying to figure out the true scope of the systems and network. Another important aspect of an effective pen test is having an established, clear point of contact who is in communication with the testing team to ensure that alerts and security logs are addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.

Being informed and understanding what penetration testing can offer allows a business owner or manager to see why this is such an important process. Keep the information here in mind to ensure the company makes the most of the testing process.

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