Social Internet Marketing in 2014 – What’s Your Strategy?

Companies, whether big or small-scale, have discovered an essential advertising tool in social networking due to its unrivaled development, regardless of what services or products they provide. Research conducted recently reveals that 93% of internet marketers owe their 2013 marketing success to social networking. At the moment, social internet marketing owns the very best place when it comes to internet marketing. Facebook, Twitter and Google would be the systems that are used daily and will also continue in 2014 too. Because of this, it is vital to appear much deeper in to the network marketing trends that have the possibility to guide internet marketing later on.


While Facebook continuously lead the field of Social Media in 2014, Google is a close contender. The consumer base of Google has arrived at 1.15 billion in September 2013, making Google users the 2nd leading monthly users. The recognition of Google causes it to be perfect like a platform for marketing this season. Additionally for this, it plays a huge role in Google’s personalized search and Search engine optimization, which makes it among the best marketing platforms.

Increase in mobile usage

Using social systems by way of cell phones is quickly becoming popular. Therefore, companies have to focus on mobile platform based social networking marketing. The smartphones which are being brought to the marketplace have condition-of-the-art features and applications. A few of these are targeted towards marketing. It is now super easy to talk about content through cell phones, so it’s crucial for marketers to allow their presence become known on social networking.

Location-based marketing

This type of promoting method utilizes Gps navigation technology in matching mobile advertisement to some customer’s physical location. By doing this, companies can focus on the person requirements of users. To provide location-based communication, various applications are going after this path, in relation to social networking.

Marketing with video

Videos, particularly the short ones, have grown to be a well known social internet marketing tool. They are classified as the most recent trend in lots of important social media conferences. Instagram and Vine are social networking platforms which have emerged to provide an encouraging marketing future for businesses. Major information mill now using short videos to effectively communicate important information regarding their brands.