Mobiles are one of the most important parts of every business and there are many business applications that people are using to improve their business.

Out of 5 people carry a smartphone in their pocket, it is easy to deduce that any brand, company or business must be present on said device and how it can be achieved, through mobile applications for companies .

Here is a list of top popular types of business applications:

  1. Office Productivity Apps
  2. Travel Apps
  3. Tools and Utility Apps for Businesses
  4. Enterprise-specific Apps
  5. Communication Apps
  6. Mobile Payment Apps
  7. Mind-Mapping Apps

Office Productivity Apps:

By using these applications you can handle documents, spreadsheets, music etc for your business. As after using office productivity apps you can see an increase in employees’ performance.

All of these applications can be used by anyone in a company like employees can use these application categories:

  •     Calendars,
  •     Schedulers,
  •     Business card readers,
  •     Tax calculators,
  •     Time trackers,
  •     Expense trackers
  •     Workflow Applications.

Travel Apps

These application can be use for multiple purposes like:

  •     Booking HotelTickets
  •     Travel Ticket booking

For business owners these applications are useful in a way that while traveling for business tours you can use applications like:

  •     Location based Apps
  •     Reservation applications
  •     Travel management apps
  •     Language translators apps

Tools and Utility Apps for Businesses

If you want to optimize your business work and want to save time then you should use these applications for your business.

By using tools and utility apps you can analyze data very easily, some of the best app are:

  •     Scanning Apps
  •     Data Protection Applications
  •     Currency Apps
  •     Time Applications like World Clock

Enterprise-specific Apps

If you are running a company or organization then these applications are specifically designed for you.

As these application can be used in organizations like:

  •     Schools
  •     Retailers
  •     Governments institutions

Best applications that you can use are:

  1. Expense tracker
  2. Apps to manage sales
  3. Helpdesk apps

Communication Apps

Communication is one of the most important parts for successful businesses. And to manage communication gaps you can use these communication applications.

  •     Remote Access Apps
  •     Email Apps
  •     Social Networking applications
  •     Apps for video conference
  •     Messaging apps

Mobile Payment Apps

Nowadays most business owners prefer to do cashless transactions and for these there are mobile payment apps.

As it is more convenient to do safe transactions on single touch. Banks, Ecommerce sites and many big stores are already using such applications.

Some examples are:

  •     Paypal,
  •     Venmo,
  •     Square cash,
  •     Mobile wallet apps.


Mind-Mapping Apps

These applications are also called concept mapping as in them you have to create diagramatic relations between ideas.

Business owners use such applications to improve their learning to make better decicions.

These are some examples of such mind mapping applications:

  •     Drawing apps,
  •     Puzzle apps,
  •     Quiz apps,
  •     iMindMap.

Does my Company Need Mobile Application?

A recurring question among companies is “Does my company need a mobile application?” . It really depends on your business like not every business needs an app. In fact, there are many aspects that you must attend to in running a business.


Now, are you in any of these situations within your company?

  1. I manage internal processes with WhatsApp, with Excel or on paper, etc
  2. I need to manage customer reservations and appointments faster and more efficiently
  3. I want to improve the quality of my service, can I make it a mobile application?
  4. Can I improve business tasks with an app?
  5. I want to retain my users and clients with a ‘mobile’ profile
  6. I seek to boost the sales of my business from my mobile
  7. My goal is to streamline internal and customer communications
  8. I want to modernize my brand and my company, but how?

If you are now clear about what type of app can help you in your particular case, it is time to get started.

the first step is to write your app project and then start searching for an app development company in London that will provide you with a proper guidance and app development solution for your needs.


Mobile applications help to improve business and after reading this blog now you can decide what is a useful app for your business. After deciding you can contact any professional to create an application for your business.