What’s New In Consumer Technology for 2011?

The month of the month of january brings from it the start of a completely new year, and along with it the promise of all of latest technological gadgetry. This is not merely a scenario of year moving over, either The month of the month of january may also be when the largest consumer technology trade exhibition, CES (the client Electronics Show) occur in Vegas. It is a method for the heavyweights in the consumer technology trade to show their latest and greatest wares, combined with the products that we have to see on store shelves over the following couple of years. It’s a mix of whatever you can consider as “pure” technology products, additionally to more consumer-centric fare. For instance, last year’s CES was engrossed in 3D Televisions, and so they continued to be like a name this year, though more focus on a glasses-free experience.

TVs required to sit in addition to a couple of major technology bulletins, however. While Apple largely had named computing field to itself this season, that isn’t truly the situation this season, with new and rather exciting tablets available from LG, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Motorola and RIM all on show. Some feature slide-out keyboards for people still not offered overall touchscreen motif, and a lot of use NVIDIA’s effective dual-core Tegra 2 chipset. One of the factors which has been a problem for Android-based systems recently remains the differing hardware that lies underneath each different Android phone. Once the market consolidates around Tegra 2, individuals problems may become an issue in history.

Microsoft spoken up its successes this season, particular all over the Kinect technology, additionally to launching a revision of the business centric Surface technology, dubbed Surface 2. Once the Tablet could be the hot new factor, your Surface is, basically, the brand new new factor on growth steroids. The first was, literally, a table, just one that been touch sensitive. Costing over $20,000 each, these were serious marketing machines for hotel lobbies and so forth. The completely new Surface 2 cuts the cost considerably (although Australian Surface buyers stood a significant cost premium to cover, and you’ll be interesting to determine if that premium continues while using second generation Surface), adds a hard gorilla glass exterior plus a fascinating technology that turns each pixel round the display in to a small sensing camera. Previous generation surface reliable particularly designed tags the top could “read”. The completely new Surface 2 could possibly do with out them altogether.